…Anyone who has heard Dowell knows of his versatility. He has the ability to set fire to a groove…”

George Benson, 9-time Grammy Winner & Legendary Jazz Guitarist

“Dowell Davis is a pleasure to play with. He uses his imagination and creativity to add to whatever musical situation he’s participating in. He has a good knowledge of all music and styles and brings a positive attitude with him.”

David Garfield, Musical Director for George Benson

“Dowell Davis is a pleasure to work with in the studio. He is the Rolex of timekeepers, always offers 110% and his drums are always impeccably tuned and maintained. He makes my job as an engineer easier and I always look forward to working with him.”

Kevin Becka, Technical Editor/ Mix Magazine

“Dowell’s drumming is as diverse in sound as it is in style. He’s built up quite an arsenal of drum kits that offers any session a variety of tone and pitch. Dowell’s playing is rooted in jazz and old school R&B, but comfortable in adult contemporary and rock. An easy going personality makes him a great addition to any session or show.”

Jack Howell, Producer/Engineer, WilloDisc

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dowell on numerous projects ranging from Punk to Pop to Blues. He’s always my first call for session work. No one comes better prepared. Dowell consistently exceeds expectations in every facet of the recording experience.”

Jeff Freundlich, President, Wild Whirled Music